Contact & Booking

The Empty Glass
410 Elizabeth Street
Charleston, WV 25311
call 304-345-3914

Open 4pm - 3am
21+ venue

Please do not send mail with "signature required" as the bar is often closed when deliveries arrive.

Do not Call The Venue Regarding Booking.
The Bartenders Can only Refer you to These Rules

Sound System, Sound Man and Lights are provided.

The Empty Glass has a Resident Soundman. If you have a Soundman you are welcome to have them run sound. However, The Empty Glass reserves the right to have the Resident Soundman perform sound for any band that is booked at the venue.

We have a small room with great acoustics. The stage has a cement rear wall and acts like a mini-amphitheatre. It is the Empty Glass' policy to keep the sound pressure levels at a reasonable (non-deafening) setting. We ask that the band itself keep the stage volume at a reasonable level. (Any band that cannot keep sound at a reasonable level may be asked to leave without pay)

The Empty Glass has Multitrack Recording capabilities and by booking at the Empty Glass you are agreeing that you may be recorded at anytime and recordings may be used for the promotion of the venue.

The Empty Glass Allows Photographers to take video and Photographs on the Property. If you take any on the property you are giving the Empty Glass permisson to use these for promotions at any time.
Promotions and Pay:
The Empty Glass promotes all shows but requires that bands promote as well. We contact local media, have a large mailing list, and internet promotions. Bands are required to promote the show as well.
Requirements for Promotions:
Touring Bands:
Touring Bands are required to provide the venue with a promotional package flyers or graphic designs to have printed.  It is also suggested that you try and find a local street team to help with your promotions as well.
Local Bands:

Local Bands are required to provide the venue with flyers and hang them around town to help promote the show. If the band doesn’t have a way to make flyers, The Empty Glass will have flyers made and a fee will be taken out of the door to pay for graphic design and printing. The band can then pick the flyers up and use them to promote the show. In promoting, The Empty Glass requires that bands do what it takes to make a show an over-the-top success. A quality show paired with good promotions can bring you to the next level.
Requirements for Pay:
The Empty Glass does "door deals" and "guarantees" depending on the situation. We also provide a bar tab for bands that includes Draft Beer and Food only. Happy hour prices on other purchases unless otherwise negotiated. After the bar tab is used band will be charged happy hour prices on everything and will have to pay out of pocket or tab will be deducted from band pay.

If a band has a guarantee to perform at The Empty Glass and does not promote themselves, the guarantee will automatically default to a door deal on the night of the show

If a Band has a guarantee to perform at The Empty Glass and plays any venue within 15 miles of the Empty Glass within 2 weeks of their performance the guarantee will automatically default to a door deal on the night of the show. 

The Empty Glass is a favorite venue of bands from all around planet! We book all styles of music. We want to listen to the band demo before booking a date. If you have routing dates in mind, please send them along with your request. Online submissions are preferred! Send a web site link to You will need to have sound files. It would also be very helpful for your site to have press-pics and quotes.

Media List:
This is a comprehensive Media list for Charleston WV and Surrounding areas. Please use it to help promote your show.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,


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